Meet the Millers

The Miller Family

 If you’re here for the first time, we’re pleased to meet you!

Zaafrane, Tunisia

We’re the Miller family.  In early 2008 we sold our house and almost all of our stuff, boxed what little was left and hit the road.

We spent a year touring most of Europe and part of North Africa on our bicycles… with all four kids. In the meantime, we created a super cool way for families to travel with us and experience the world from home through The Edventure Project.

Then, we returned to America, and camped in southern Massachusetts while Tony worked for a few months to replenish our coffers, you see, the stock market crashed when we were camped atop the highest sea cliff on the Adriatic coast of Italy and our savings washed out with the tides!

Winter 2009-10 we spent touring Central America in our van, camping in our tents, and working a little as we went… in the process we found heaven and left our hearts in the highlands of Guatemala.

In 2010-11 the Edventure continued as we outfitted the tribe with backpacks, hopped on a plane and returned to one of our favourite places: You guessed it… Guatemala.

We spent 6 months on the lovely Lago de Atitlan honing the children’s Spanish and soaking in the unique culture that captured our hearts the winter before.

2011 found us adventuring with The Mama Bus: 2 Mamas and 11 kids under 15, and a huge cross-continental adventure in the USA and Canada.

2012 finds us in Southeast Asia, exploring Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and beyond. We have loose plans to wander south towards Australia and New Zealand and after that… who knows?

We’re open to suggestion!

Entering the Czech Republic

Life is short and we only get one shot at it. In a few short years our kids will be gone, creating their own grand adventures, and our whole family will fit on one tandem bike.

Right now, knee deep in elephant rides and school books we can hardly imagine it… but then again, we can.

It’s this clock ticking in the background that motivates us to spend this decade living large with our kids, four fabulous humans who’ll live on into a future we’ll never see.

We can’t think of a better gift to give them than the world as their classroom and a global vision of humanity.

Won’t you join us in dreaming big dreams, living the one life you have well and sucking the marrow from every day we’re given?

May the road rise to meet you,

The Miller Family

Veracruz, Mexico


Tony: I traded my dress pants for bike shorts and dropped my job with a division of Apple like a hot rock and never looked back.  Since then, I’ve become Adventure Dad Extraordinaire… the pay’s about the same and it’s a lot more fun!  I’m the one who plots our routes, takes the pictures and is the technical brains behind our websites.  I’m always finding ways to blend my passions for technology and travel.  To that end, I’ve created FahrSoft, a technical consulting company that allows me to live the best of both worlds.  I love my wife.  I love my kids.  That’s why I’m doing this.

Boston, USA


Jenn:  No matter where we go, my job goes with me.  I traded my washer and dryer for a rubber ball (universal sink stopper) and chapped knuckles. I’m the family’s UN translator, the writer and knitter of socks on all continents. I grew up with adventurers for parents who encouraged us to dream big, live large and brought the whole world home around our dinner table.  I want to pass on that legacy to my kids. In my spare time I do a little freelance writing for the alternative education and travel markets and I teach a class called Dream: Reboot with my friend Nancy.



Hannah:  I’m seventeen and I’m the only girl.  I love to read, play my violin (and guitar, and mandolin, and irish flute) and sample new kinds of cheese! No matter where we go I miss my friends, but I always make more.  That’s the best and the worst of life on the road.  I like living life differently than other people.  My favorite place we’ve been so far is Italy.  I’d like to live there when I grow up. I’m taking classes through OSU, while we travel, and I’d like to major in International Studies. I work as a freelance writer for the teen and adventure travel markets as well. My website is Edventure Girl.


New Zealand

Gabriel:  I’m fifteen and I love adventure.  I love to SCUBA dive, kite-surf and sail. I’m the official fish-gutter and I’m a great cook. My least favorite part of traveling is showering with the boys in the pay per minute showers, they always make so much noise that I get in trouble.  The best part of adventuring is all of the time I get to spend with my family. I’m hoping they buy a boat soon so that we can sail for my teen years! My blog is Have Brothers, Will Travel.


Sulawesi, Indonesia

Elisha:  I’m thirteen and I like to read and play legos. I love traveling because I get to do a lot of cool things like learn different languages, ride on elephants and camels, and try new foods.  I really liked Germany.  The sausage is good.  My favorite part of traveling is meeting all of the different people with different cultures. I love to read, practice my Spanish and French, and make up imaginary games. I’m learning to play the harmonica. I like it that I’m just like my Dad.



Ezra:  I’m eleven and I’m NOT a little kid.  I’m the funniest person in this family. The worst part of this trip was throwing up on the ferry to Africa.  My favorite country is France because that is where the Eiffel Tower is.  I’ve waited my whole life to see the Eiffel Tower and we went all the way to the top.  I love going new places instead of going to school. I’m learning my times tables and beginning to play mandolin with Hannah.  I love to play with legos, bionicles and cars. I like learning to say “NO!” in every new language.  I can say it in seven languages so far!