WelcomeFamily Photo- New Zealand

Family Photo- New Zealand

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  1. i’m so thankful to see people that are out there full feeling their dream’s god bless you friend’s i missed a lot of good thing’s in life i turn 48 this month i can’t work because of my back does anybody think that i still can enjoy life with a bad back my kid’s don’t want to do anything with me i cry all the time because of my past i want to travel like you people i get a disability check each month what does it take to do this.

  2. Jennifer Miller says:

    Shaun… I’m glad you’re enjoying our blog. I’m so sorry to hear about your back and your family troubles. I had back surgery years ago and i remember well what it was to live with crippling pain all. the. time. I don’t think 48 is too late… there are things you can do to begin to transform your life, create income streams that are sustainable even with a physical disability and ways you can travel even on very little money. Check out the class I facilitate with my friend Nancy: It might be something that could help you forward!

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