Passage to Cape May, NJ

December 4, 2016 in TearAway, United States

Making the jump to Cape May, NJ… into the open ocean.

Halloween on the River

November 22, 2016 in blog, TearAway, United States

Halloween on the Hudson and midnight in Manhattan

Down the Hudson

November 13, 2016 in North America, TearAway, Travelogue, United States

On the Hudson, where TearAway remembers her identity and proves she’s ready to act like it.

Oswego and Erie Canals

October 24, 2016 in TearAway, United States

We were surprised by a turn of good weather, after preparing, mentally, for nearly a week of delay in Cape Vincent. Instead, after just one day of waiting, it looked […]

Launch Day

October 18, 2016 in blog, TearAway, United States

After weeks of delays, weeks of work, and weeks upon weeks of planning, TearAway was finally launched.

Ups and Downs

October 9, 2016 in TearAway, Travelogue

So much unknown work to be done before taking off… here’s why we’ve been quiet for three weeks.

Walk Like an Egyptian

September 23, 2016 in Africa, Egypt, Travelogue

“You like Egyptian!!” Is yelled at me at least five times a day, by jolly shop keepers and tea shop owners as I wander by. They point at my head […]

Pre-departure Departure

September 18, 2016 in TearAway, Travelogue

With an engine finally ready to go, and a place secured for TearAway to get hauled out, we set off for Kingston.

Egypt Part Two: The Sun God and the River Nile

September 18, 2016 in blog, Egypt, Travelogue

The sun really is the god of Egypt It isn’t hard to imagine why Ra reigned supreme in Egyptian mythology. The sun controls everything here, not just the rhythm of […]

Progress Feels Good!

September 16, 2016 in TearAway, Travelogue

After weeks of waiting and seemingly endless frustrations as one thing after another hindered our progress, we’ve finally had a couple days of good stuff. Yesterday, I spent many hours […]

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