Leon: On parties and pensive walking

June 24, 2014 in Europe, Spain, Travelogue

Leon put on her party dress for our birthday. Parades of festively dressed bands playing hard brass as they marched in the streets. Classic Romani men playing reed pipes while […]

Camino de Santiago: On the meseta and what I am learning

June 20, 2014 in Europe, Spain

The meseta is long and hot. After two weeks toiling through mountains and rolling hills, over rocky terrain and ankle deep slippery leaves, one would think it a relief to […]

Camino de Santiago: On feet, faith & chosen family

June 18, 2014 in Europe, Spain

The meseta is long, and hot. The Way stretches off, through endless waves of grain blown by oceans of invisible wind across the long miles of nowhere. The Pyrenees have […]

Camino de Santiago: Surprises

June 14, 2014 in Europe, Spain

Everyday the Camino surprises me. Wheat fields laughing in red poppies. Spanish blue skies ruffled like flamenco dresses with clouds. Flocks of sheep crowding the path, jockeying for position in […]

Walking the Camino: On broken hearts, ghosts and a nude man on a hot day

June 9, 2014 in Europe, Spain

The Camino is littered with broken hearts. Some so raw that they’re carried in blood soaked hands, by pilgrims whose eyes are lakes of sorrow. Some, bandaged with great care […]

Portraits from the Camino de Santiago

June 6, 2014 in Europe, Spain, Travelogue

We’ve been walking for a week. Our days are full and finding time to write has been a challenge. Words don’t do the stories justice, really. They never do. Instead, […]

Live from the Camino: On alberques & being cold

June 3, 2014 in Europe, Spain

Pierre-Paulo likens the experience to a musical symphony. Attempting to sleep in an alberque that is a medieval stone church, complete with arched ceilings and walls over a foot thick […]

Camino Adventures: First day in Paris

May 29, 2014 in Europe, France, Travelogue

To say that Jade is excited to be here might be a teeny understatement. After two very long days of travel, Jade from Kingston, Ontario and me from Quebec City, […]

5 Museums in Europe Not To Miss With Kids

October 25, 2012 in Austria, Czech Republic, England, Europe, France, Inspiration, Netherlands

Europe is a big place. So much history, so much culture, so many “must-sees.” How does a parent know where to start? The answer? Dive in anywhere you want and […]

Ukraine Air Flight 056 Kiev->Zurich

March 3, 2012 in Europe, Travelogue, Ukraine

The excitement was palpable in the apartment this morning. The skies over Kiev were grey but the light from the boys’ eyes was enough to brighten any room. Arms spread […]