5 Places to Find Happiness With Your Kids

February 21, 2014 in Inspiration


They grow up fast, don’t they? It makes you wonder: what will they remember of their time with you? Well, now is your chance to make lasting memories happen. Let’s travel! I know just the place. Well, places, five of them, to be more precise, all of them stunning, child-friendly and unforgettable.

Paradise number one

Ibiza’s Cala Salada. They won’t be building castles in the air anymore. They’ll be building fortresses in the yellow sand. They’ll be chasing baby fish in the blue lagoon. And this is truly a blue lagoon, not like the ones you see in brochures and turn out to be algae infested ponds. No. A spectacular, breathtaking blue lagoon with the clearest water your eyes could behold, so limpid that you’ll be able to see your toes on the ripples of sand beneath you as clear as day. Sure, Ibiza would probably not be the first destination that comes to mind when children are involved, but hear me out. You could find a nice hotel in San Antony de Portmany, take them up the winding mountain paths on the island by car and see their hearts race as you reach the peaks on an abrupt slope, or take a charter all the way to Valencia to show them the football stadium and club.

Second heaven

Oasis Park, Fuerteventura. Take the entire family on a camel safari through the dunes of Fuerteventura, play with the sea lions and feed the lemurs. The children will especially love taking photos with the parrots, feeding the elephant and touching the giraffes. Then witness the soaring eagles swoop down upon an unsuspecting remote controlled stuffed toy and hear the people gasp in stupor, at his speed. There’s nothing quite like it. Then take a ferry from Coralejo to Lanzarotte island and go to the Timanfaya National Park to see the Fire Mountains’mini-geysers. An exciting experience that children cherish and remember forever.

Third wonderland

The Alps, France. Wonder at the magnificence of these beautiful mountains, zig-zag down their slopes and finish off the day with a nice glass of French wine. Avail great deals on catered ski chalets france now for an exciting and a unique holiday with your family. Take the children snowboarding, sledging, skiing, snow blading, or glaciar walking in the winter. Then, in the summertime, introduce them to archery, bungee jumping, fishing, rafting, rowing, paragliding and water rafting to appeal to their adventurous spirits.

Fourth Arcadia

Santorini, Greece. Enjoy the refreshing Aegean breeze, the savoury favas and the nectar-like Vinsanto wine, and then head off on a ferry to the satellite island of Therasia, where donkeys will take your family on cobble stone to the top of the town overlooking the dock. A magnificent vista of the see unfolds as you reach the top, but you only reach it if you’re nice to the donkeys! Then come back to Santorini and spend the day on a volcanic rock-bedded beach, the take them quad biking to the Caldera View for a breathtaking twilight panorama, and save the next sunset for the lovely traditional blue-roofed town of Oia.

Fifth Shangri-la

Loro Parque, Tenerife, the most remarkable dressage act will leave your children speechless. Killer whales swimming in harmony, splashing on command, singing and swirling to their heart’s content. A once in a lifetime opportunity… Watch your children swoop to the ground as a myriad of parrots glide above your heads in the spectacular Loro Show. The penguins, the sea lions, the dolphins will all put on a show to boast their incredible skills.

I hope this short list will inspire you to go out there and look for adventure. Let’s take the bull by the horns and seize the day before we end up google-ing ‘time machine’ to see if anybody has one to sell.

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