5 Street Foods In Asia- by Hannah

September 5, 2012 in Asia, blog, Thailand, Travelogue, Vietnam

Southeast Asia is well known for being home to many different kinds of street foods.

Some are relatively normal. Walking down a crowded street somewhere in an Asian city, you’re sure to see dishes of noodles, rice, and stir-fry. But the fare is not always so ordinary. For the adventurous food lover, this makes Southeast Asia a cuisine hotspot! Daring travelers often try the exotic food offered, if only for the bragging rights they receive! These are a few of the less-than-ordinary foods readily found in this part of the world:

Egg Kebabs

This treat consists of three eggs skewered in a row. It can be easily found in almost any market in Southeast Asia, as it is quite popular among the locals. The vendors prepare this dish by fixing the eggs, shell and all, onto a long wooden skewer. They are then slowly cooked over a grill. The vendors keep the eggs warm by the fire until they are bought, cracked open, and eaten.


Perhaps Asia’s most famous food, dog meat is sold all over the continent. While some travelers may have a problem with eating mans’ best friend, others have described dog meat as being quite delicious, with a slightly gamey flavor. Locals view dog meat as a treat, and it is often served at large festivals or religious gatherings. It is usually barbecued, or roasted over a fire after being glazed with a special sauce.

Meat, On A Stick!

The different kinds of “meat on a stick” you can find are endless! Street food vendors have carts displaying sausage on a stick, chicken feet skewered on sticks, chicken organs (liver, heart), pork, beef, and the occasional chicken or duck head on a stick. When buying a form of meat on a stick, it is often a “point and hope for the best” scenario. You never know exactly what you’ll be getting, especially if the vendor speaks little to no English! This only makes the experience even more adventurous!

Angry Bird Kebabs

Yes, I did say Angry Bird kebabs. The people of Southeast Asia may have a slight addiction to this popular new game. Shoes, clothes, hair accessories, and luggage all are decorated with the Angry Birds characters. But they may be stretching the obsession a bit when they bring the game into their foods! Processed meat is colored and formed into the shape of the red bird. These meat patties are then cooked on a stick and served to eager young children. Delicious? Depends on who you ask.

Bugs On A Stick

This snack is quite popular in Asia, Central America, and South America. Fried bugs, grilled bugs, baked bugs, vendors sell whichever you prefer. But what kind of bug, you might ask? The answer: any bug. Pick a kind, they’re sure to have it. Grasshoppers, insect larvae, tarantulas, scorpions, cockroaches, beetles of various species, all of these make the list. Opinions vary widely on whether or not this street food is worth the bragging rights!


With these being just a few of the incredible options on the Southeast Asian menu, you can easily see how an adventurous diner might rate this part of the world Number 1 on their list of must-see destinations! With all of the strange foods here, eating is always an exciting experience for the intrepid traveler!


Yep, that’s Hannah gnawing on a grilled chicken head in Chiang Mai!

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