Birthday Party Giveaway: Travel Sling, by Lois Wood

March 2, 2013 in Birthday Party

We’ve made some fantastic friends as we’ve traveled; people we’d never have connected with if we hadn’t taken the plunge, cut the cord on life and hit the road. We wouldn’t trade those relationships for all of the tea in China, but some of our best friends remain those who knew us “before” and who still love us through all of our crazy life changes.

The Wood family is one such tribe.

They’ve got seven kids, four of which match ours in age and that made us instant friends from the very first week that we met. They have helped us tear apart our house and rebuild it, we’ve shared schooling, and kid responsibilities, we’ve held down beach chairs and picked blueberries all afternoon in NH, we’ve rescued one another in the midst of marathon illnesses, they helped us packed, threw us a going away party (several over the years, in fact) and they are the very first to welcome us home each time we hit the ground in the USA. On top of all that, Lois manages our mail and our banking and the fifty other little things that have to be done “in person” for us. We are so, so, SO thankful for their family and their friendship.

Fall of 2011, Lois and I packed up our combined herd of 11 kids and headed across the USA and back, camping and exploring with our kids. It was a pretty big adventure!! You can read about it on Lois’ website: The Mama Bus

To celebrate our birthday, Lois is giving away a very friendly travel friendly piece of equipment: a handmade baby sling. She’s schlepped her seven in slings and I don’t know how I’d have made it through four without mine! I carried Ezra in a sling at five in Europe occasionally, when his little feet got tired!!

If you have a little person, or know of someone expecting one, winning this sling could be mama’s ticket to increased freedom and adventures with her little kangaroo safely tucked in her pocket!

Thank you Lois, for being you, and for thinking of all the other mamas out there!
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