Do You Have A Dream?

February 8, 2013 in Inspiration

One of my favourite things in life is meeting people and hearing about their fabulous dreams.

We’re blessed with a pretty crazy community of dreamers and doers.

We have friends who:


And these are just our personal friends off of the top of my head, we’re privileged to have connections beyond that to a whole sub-culture of dreamers and doers.

It’s amazing when I think about it.

I spend many hours a week answering questions, helping people with projects, working to find creative solutions to big problems and otherwise talking folks through the process of breaking their Big Dream down into bite sized chunks and making it a reality. It’s my favourite thing to do, I must admit.

Maybe you’re one of the people who has emailed me with a question or spent a long hour brainstorming over Skype chat with me. 

I’ll continue to do that. I make a point of personal interaction and giving away as much as I possibly can of myself and what we’ve learned, because other people did it for us.

But, my friend Nancy (of bicycle Guinness fame) and I spent part of this last winter with our heads together quantifying this process and rolling it into a specific process that we call: 

Dream: Reboot 12 Weeks to Creating a New Reality

Dream: Reboot

I’ll always talk to you for free, and answer as many questions as you have, but if you’re interested in taking your dream to the next level quickly and within a community of other people completely sold out to changing their lives, then you want in on the Dream: Reboot.

Over 12 weeks you’ll get one-on-one coaching, 12 weeks of content from both Nancy and me, 12 comfort-zone stretching challenges to overcome and push you forward in your process. You’ll also get the benefit of a community of like-minded dreamers and the input of our crack team of friends and partners in crime who help Nancy and I round out this course. You will meet movers and shakers. You will connect with people who have done amazing things, perhaps some of the things you want to be doing.

There are only 20 seats available in the course, and some of them are already gone.

Enrollment is only open five days:  Friday February 7th through Tuesday February 12th.

Are you tired of just dreaming? Do you want to change your life?

Let us help you.