Find out what French immersion courses from The Chateau can do for your students

March 26, 2014 in Education


French immersion schools are perfect for students studying the language of French, as it provides a fun and supportive place for students to test their abilities and learn more – by immersing themselves in French they will improve very quickly. There are also all kinds of excellent excursions and activities to make it a memorable experience for them.

It is common knowledge that the best way to learn something is to immerse yourself within it, and this is especially true for languages. This means that a group of students learning French can greatly improve their abilities and confidence by taking a school trip to France – these trips can be both fun and very educational. By immersing themselves in the French language, they will have to draw on their knowledge and also pick up new words and phrases whilst they are out there – when they’re surrounded by it at all times this will happen surprisingly quickly. You will notice the improvement once back in the classroom – their confidence will be sky-high so they will be focused and determined to learn more.

The best way is by visiting French immersion schools – there are institutions in France that are bilingual and will encourage your students to speak and listen to French throughout, which is particularly effective because it is done in a fun and supportive environment. It falls in between studying in the classroom and experiencing real life situations, making it the perfect place for them to test their abilities and not have to worry if they struggle. These immersion schools specialise in helping students to learn and practice French whilst showing them a good time – there are all kinds of excursions and activities to do during their stay.

A few of these activities include raft building, orienteering, archery, mountain biking, breadmaking, nature trails, circus skills and so on. When they are not learning or trying out one of these fun activities they may be out on a brilliant excursion to one of the local markets, St. Malo, Dinan, the landing beaches, Le Mont St Michel, a goat’s cheese farm or another educational and fascinating destination. They will also be able to enjoy some delicious food and get comfortable in the beautiful and scenic estate. As you can see their time at the immersion school will be packed full of fun and valuable activities and trips, and it will give them a great sense about what makes France tick whilst learning about its history and practising and improving on their language skills.

French immersion courses from The Chateau are suitable for different ages as well, so no matter what year you are teaching, there will be a course for your students. They will be challenged in a supportive environment which will help them to gain confidence – this is obviously very important for students when they’re learning a new language, and will greatly improve your lessons when you return to the classroom. The students will greatly appreciate what you have done for them – they’ll now be able to take everything they have learnt forward and hopefully return to France when they are older and be able to use what they have learnt in real life situations.