Holiday Giveaway!

December 1, 2012 in Inspiration, Travelogue

We love to give gifts.

My favourite part of the Christmas season is giving gifts.

My LEAST favourite thing about Christmas is the commercialism.

Does that seem incongruous to you?

Let me explain.

  • In my family, most gifts are handmade, or purchased from someone who’s handmade them.
  • We’re big believers in supporting small businesses, local economy and cottage industry over “big box stores.”
  • I value handmade over factory made for so many reasons.

I’ll pay lots more for something that I know supports a fellow Mama in her quest to live life her way with her kids over something a cheaper equivalent because in the end, the environmental impact isn’t “cheaper” and the value isn’t nearly equivalent, in product or cultural impact.

This year, we’re choosing to highlight a small business run by a young girl (supported by her Mom) and to promote her efforts by featuring her in our giveaway.

Meet Our Friend Anevay Darlington

As her name suggests, she is a darling. We met her, along with her five-star mama, Melissa, a couple of years ago through our blog. We suggested they join us for a weekend of camping. They invited us to hang out at their cool digs in Bushwick, the rest, as they say, is history.

Two things impressed us immediately about this duo: Their love of each other and out of that their love for community and their commitment to outside the box thinking and living. Melissa gave up a high rolling job to re-create herself as a freelancer so she could be home with her daughter, home school, and travel. Anevay started her own blog, with lots of lovely poetry and musings, and now her own company! Miss Anevay is an avid learner with a “can do” attitude. She’s only 11, but already, she’s building a life and a business! I love that.

Her business is Paloma & Co. a skincare company that provide, “peaceful, mindful skincare solutions.” She’s also creating line of lovely, scented soy candles, and some come in travel tins, which of course we love! Anevay also donates a portion of all of her proceeds to charities.

In that vein, we’re excited to announce our holiday giveaway:

Three Pack of Travel Candles from Paloma & Co

We’ve purchased one each of:

Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove & Orange

Cheers Carole! Chardonnay

Wisconsin Woods (new this week!)

And Paloma & Co. is graciously going to ship to our winner anywhere!



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Good luck!