I am a Rock Star: Photo Essay from the Alberta-Saskatchewan border

February 20, 2012 in blog, Canada, North America, Travelogue

In case you were wondering… I am a rock star.

Yes, it’s true. Just ask the Montalvo children.

The past four days I’ve spent on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan in a booming oil town called Lloydminster.

I’ve been positively dripping with children the entire time, and we’ve had FUN.

How did I achieve this rock star status: Watch and learn:

Daddy Montalvo making the Montalvo Secret Recipe Pancakes. I promised not to post the PJ picture until after I was gone... something about not biting the hand that was feeding me!


Happy birthday Jess!

At the top of the hill



Winter Blues



Cookin' with my Bell'



And also… I brought presents:

Why yes, she does have her arm in a blow up doll patient. Don't ask too many questions. Just let it go.






Dripping with children, I tell you.

Border town

Did I mention it was cold?

On the road back to Edmonton. Cold. And note gas prices: No griping, American friends!

This is not a car... it's a roller skate.


How do I know I’m a Rock Star?

  • I had one fan clinging to my leg while I walked around the kitchen while another rode on my back.
  • They screamed for me
  • They begged for an encore “Please, Nana, move in with us… come with your kids… stay another day…”
  • They cried when I left
  • They staked out my dressing room
  • I was licked, and kissed without warning

Thank you, Montalvos, for an amazing adventure… I miss you already!