On my 39th Birthday

August 5, 2013 in Inspiration, Travelogue


Tomorrow is my 39th birthday.

After three kids celebrating in July, the last thing I want is cake. We have the fixin’s for raspberry pie, my very favourite.

We aren’t celebrating big. I’m getting a haircut. Tony bought me a lovely paua ring; a little piece of NZ to carry forward with me. The kids are plotting little joys, I hear them whispering around me.

This year will be a very comfortable birthday, compared to last year… which was a horrible day’s journey from Laos into Cambodia.

I’m looking forward to 39: my 40th year on the planet. 

It’s going to be a good year. I’ve got my feet under me. We have some big dreams we’re pushing hard on. We have several months with friends and family on the horizon. I’m working with focus on some sizable goals. It’s going to be a good year.

I’ve got a little project in the works that starts tomorrow:

Every day of my 40th year I’m going to take a photo and share it on Instagram and through the Facebook page of another blog I have, with a friend: Walkin’ It Off. It’s about the inner growth we wade through in mid-life, and it’s also about walking. I write about things over there that don’t really fit on this blog, like my reflections on turning 39 and my plans for this coming year (which will go live August 7 at 8:00 a.m.)  If you’re interested in following that project and getting to know me better, then like that FB page and you’ll be in the loop.