Re-Entry is kickin’ our butts: Or, the shortest post in the history of this blog

November 15, 2013 in Canada, North America, Travelogue

Craziest selfie ever... 11 people in there! With the Keener family!

Craziest selfie ever… 11 people in there! With the Keener family!

Re-entry is officially kicking our butts.

We’ve been on terra firma in North America for about 63 hours now, following the worst red-eye flight ever.

Here is the short version:

  • two 12 hour marathon drives
  • one new (and fabulous) family of blog readers met
  • two nights with old traveling buddies who were the BEST way to celebrate re-entry
  • one Chevy Suburban that is perfect for us, procured from above traveling buddies
  • one totally inspiring lunch with Sean from Boots-n-All… we’re up to no good, of course
  • dinner out, sans enfants, with a big thank you to Hannah and Gabe for babysitting a double tribe
  • brunch with Sean’s family (can I just say, they are so much fun!)
  • teaching long division and the importance of the adverbial clause while blowing north on the number five between Portland and Seattle
  • collecting several gallons of epoxy for my brother’s boat project
  • collapsing in a total dive of a hotel…

Okay, it’s not that bad. Nothing like the one in Australia a couple of weeks ago.

The short version: 

We’re fine, but we’re very, very tired. 

Tomorrow we head off into the wilderness to hide out with my brother and his family for four days, completely off the grid. You’ll never find us. We are going to eat, fish, laugh, play with our nephews and SLEEP.

We’ll be back next week. Until then, read old stories to amuse yourselves!