Singapore: Photo Essay, Day 1

December 8, 2012 in Asia, Singapore, Travelogue

Leaving Thailand, arriving in Singapore…

in which I am awed by a mall for the first time in my life (normally, malls do not hold my attention… clearly, I’d just not been to the right ones. 🙂

Phuket, Thailand

Awaiting the airport shuttle, Nai Yang, Thailand

Goodbye Thailand!

Colour- Little India, Singapore

Little India, Singapore

Flower garlands, Little India

Can’t take your sodas inside the train station, so we drank them outside!

On the train… exporting the best of American culture and cuisine. Nice.

Marina Sands… crazy

Super trees

Wind wall

In the mall

Disturbing things in the mall (dolls, don’t worry!)

Hannah found a gourmet violin store!