Christmas Crazy: Welcome Home

December 23, 2015 in Canada, North America, Travelogue

My house, at this moment, is a rodeo. At five thirty, when I gingerly tiptoed to my kitchen to quietly make tea and then tiptoe to my seat at the […]

On Community, Magic & Love: What I learned at the drum circle

November 26, 2014 in Guatemala, North America, Travelogue

“You know what I like about you?” Tor mused, sideways at me as we watched the orange flames dance in the darkness. “You’re unusually observant. You’re always watching things. You’re […]

February Book Report: What are you reading?

February 21, 2014 in Education

Reading is an important part of our family culture.  We’re constantly reading, aloud as a family, and individually. We I read to my babies before they were born, and while […]

I am cold: And other news from the Canadian Rockies

November 26, 2013 in Canada, North America, Travelogue

The Canadian Rockies are spectacular. The bony plates along the spines of sleeping dragons, frozen in place under Jack Frost’s spell, curled head to tail in a pile of jagged […]

Pearl Harbour: Lest We Forget

November 7, 2013 in North America, United States

The USS Arizona is still weeping. Great viscous tears of pitch coloured oil, leaking from deep inside her war torn sides with agonizing reluctance. As if she still can’t quite […]

Great Barrier Reef: Dreams & Adventures

November 1, 2013 in Australia, Oceania, Travelogue

“Mama, why do they call it a live-aboard?” Elisha asked while we were waiting. “Well… because it’s a boat we’re going to stay overnight on… you know, we’ll live-aboard it […]

Great Barrier Reef: Fun Facts

October 30, 2013 in Australia, Oceania, Travelogue

By the time you are reading this we’ll be hovering in the liquid blue over the Great Barrier Reef. This is a bucket list item for us. We’ve planned it […]

Drysdale: The calm before the storm

October 7, 2013 in Australia, Oceania, Travelogue

4:40 p.m. Just sat down with a glass of white wine in a house that smells faintly of ammonia window cleaner. Everything is very quiet. Hannah is working on her […]

10 Tips for Traveling With Kids

September 30, 2013 in Inspiration

It seems almost impossible to believe that I’ve been traveling with kids for nearly twenty years. From newborn babies, to teens with one foot out the door. From local weekend […]

Dinner at Melba: You’d like WHAT on your ice cream?

September 17, 2013 in Australia, Oceania

Let me open by saying that in America the concepts of “posh” and “buffet” rarely intersect. A buffet meal anywhere between the two coast of ‘Merica feels a lot like […]