What My Mama Taught Me

January 29, 2013 in Asia, Indonesia

We’ve had a tough few weeks. We’ve really enjoyed the outlying areas of Sulawesi, Tana Toraja and Bira. The road trip was just our speed. We enjoy being captains of […]

Christmas Letter 2012: A Year In Review

December 20, 2012 in Asia, Malaysia, Travelogue

Since I’m not sending a paper Christmas letter this year, I thought I’d post it to the blog. For the folks who are used to getting an envelope in the […]

Washington DC With Kids

December 15, 2012 in Inspiration

Washington DC places high on the list of American cities to visit for travelers of all ages. Full of history, culture, art and civics lessons on every street corner, it […]

American Thanksgiving: 22 Things We Are Thankful For

November 21, 2012 in Asia, Thailand, Travelogue

We celebrate Thanksgiving a lot Twice a year, at least, as a bi-national family, but we work to cultivate gratefulness in every day life too. As I finish up this […]

My Layer Cake Life: This is not the travel blog you were looking for

October 15, 2012 in Asia, Inspiration, Thailand, Travelogue

Do you live life in layers? So often to me it seems like our lives are layer cakes: Different flavours Different textures Sweet fillings Sometimes icky fillings The occasional nut […]

Ghosts of Thanksgiving Past: Penang, Malaysia

October 8, 2012 in Asia, Malaysia, Travelogue

Thanksgiving is a distinctly North American holiday. I remember trying to explain it once to an Irish girl who’d come to celebrate the day with us and it boiled down […]

The Calm Before The Storm

May 22, 2012 in Canada, North America, Travelogue

This is what’s known as the calm before the storm. This island is always a quiet space for us, but more so this week. It feels a bit as though […]

Nothing Says, “Welcome Home,” Like A Dead Turtle

May 16, 2012 in Canada, North America, Travelogue

Nothing says “Welcome home,” like a huge dead turtle, lovingly collected and artistically laid by Gramps in the driveway as a gift for his boys. There was much discussion over […]

Of Great-Great-Great Grandpa & ghosts

May 15, 2012 in North America, Travelogue, United States

Today has been a quiet spot in the midst of a frenetic tour. I sat for a long half an hour and inhaled the quiet as the sun set, in […]

Location Independent: Live & Work Anywhere… even Indiana

May 6, 2012 in North America, Travelogue, United States

It’s been a week and a half since we left the cottage and we’re beginning to find our groove. “Deep sigh… I’m so glad to be back on the road […]