“The Opal Fairy” A poem for Hannah

October 20, 2013 in Australia, Oceania, Travelogue


We meet the most fabulous people as we travel

(Have I said that before?!)

Hannah took a little tumble in Coober Pedy, if you remember. We were lucky enough to be encamped with some nurses who recommended the hospital run. We ran into them again in Alice Springs a few days later and they did an impromptu check up (as well as gushing enthusiastically about Uluru!) We’ve invited them for dinner on Wednesday when we get back to Alice.

In the meantime, I get an email: Joy has written a poem for Hannah as they drove the long, flat, straight that is the desert between Coober Pedy and Alice Springs:

Read it with a Yorkshire accent to get the full effect:

The Opal fairy

I’ll tell you a tale of blood and gore,
and a fairy princess whose knee was sore.
She came from a land far, far away,
and was in Coober Pedy on holiday.
She was tall and slender and fair of face,
a descendant of a magical race.
With her elven hat and sequinned wings,
in the evening light she was sparkling.

The meeting of the clans was over for the day,
now it was time to go out and play.
Leaving the caves they climbed the hill,
the evening air was cool and still.
Watching and waiting as the sun went down,
colours of the desert all around.
Soaking up the last of the suns golden rays,
a perfect end to a perfect day.

But as daylight fades and gives way to night,
from under the rocks, a scary sight!
The Coober Pedy Goblin, scrawny and grey
sets out on a mission to lead people astray.
You’ve seen the signs for “danger ahead”,
well the Goblin goes out when everyones in bed.
He turns around signs and lays little traps,
loosening stones to cause mishaps!

THis night the Goblin climbed from under his rock,
shook off the dust …looked around…took stock.
There he spied the beautiful stranger,
he knew she’d be unaware of the danger.

The princess spellbound by the skies magic hues
didn’t notice the Goblin sneak up to her shoes.
He loosed the stones, a trick he knew well.
When she stood up, sure enough, she fell!

She unfurled her wings in double quick time
without them she’d have fallen right down the mine!
She landed heavily on all fours,
the blood from her knee poured and poured.
But she stood up bravely and didn’t cry
and showed her Elders, with a sigh…
“I suppose I’ll have to see the healing witches,
I think this knee might need some stitches”.

It was just a flesh wound, it could have been worse,
You should have heard the Goblin curse!!

The healing of the wound is now underway
and it hasn’t spoiled the princess’s stay…
she’s off now to explore, and admire the view…
with a special side trip to Uluru.

If you are travelling, and plan to stay in a cave
remember this is where Goblins misbehave.
Tread with care and stay alert
this will ensure you dont get hurt.

You might think, this couldn’t happen to you…
but heed this warning, every word is true!

Thank you Joy Matthews, for the fun, the friendship and the bush nursing!

Hannah's knee