Travel Photos: Figuring Out What To Do With Them!

November 1, 2012 in Inspiration

I asked Tony this morning, to try to get a “ball park” figure on our number of photos so far traveling:

Roughly 30,000

Yes, seriously.

This isn’t all of our photos, mind you. These are the ones that we access to, that are “with us.” There are others that are saved off on hard drives elsewhere. There are many that we’ve deleted. Arguably, there are about 29,500 more that need to be deleted!

We’ve been contemplating what to do with them for some time:

  • I cull through regularly looking for just the right shots to go with a particular article, so we need to keep most of them with us.
  • We think it will be fabulous to have them on an Apple TV as a continually changing picture frame one day. You know, when we have a house.
  • Tony has this idea to one day sell canvas prints of some of his best.
  • We’ve had vinyl banners printed for conventions occasionally.
  • When Lois and I took our Mama Bus trip we had car magnets made for sponsors and advertisers. In retrospect it would have been fun to have made yard signs to pass out to our generous hosts as we traveled; kind of a “you are here!” aspect to documenting our journey. Perhaps next time.
  • I’d like to get note cards or postcards made someday.
  • Of course I hope to make the kids photo books when we’re in one place long enough to have them out and enjoy them!
  • My father-in-law has used several of our travel photos as subjects for his beautiful paintings, and those have become family travels already.

So this is a subject of discussion and I thought I’d put this question out there:

What do YOU do with all of the photos that pile up over a life?

Do you have any creative suggestions for us on how to make the memories last and display them in a way that is meaningful but doesn’t drive our friends crazy?

(We won’t subject you to a marathon slideshow next time we visit, I promise!)