Yard Party

November 26, 2010 in Guatemala, North America, Podcast, Travelogue

This morning we started to see people coming through our yard. This is not totally unusual, since we don’t know everyone yet, but it was unusual to see this many, or to see them coming with wood, pots, coolers, and boxes of food. Before long, we found out that the mayor was coming to visit, though we still didn’t know why he was coming to our yard. Eventually, we were told that we could join the party, if we brought our own food. So, Jenn made up a bunch of goodies and headed down. Then, we were in.
It was a group of doctors. The psychiatrist spoke great English. I asked if he’d studied in the States or something. He said no, he’d watched a lot of Seinfeld. Ha!
Here is a little bit of video captured from throughout the day.
[podcast format=”video”]http://www.edventureproject.com/Podcast/YardParty.m4v[/podcast]