A Home For The Holidays: Miri, Malaysia

December 17, 2012 in Asia, Malaysia, Travelogue

We’ve rented a home for the holidays.

After two LONG days on the road from Bintulu (we may have mentioned that our car was small and the roads were horrible?) we are “home” in Miri.

The house is very local… built on stilts, hardwood floors, cracks that show light through everything, walls, floors, doors, you name it. The bathroom has shower and toilet in one room, bucket flush, of course. Oddly, there is no sink in the bathroom. The only sink in the entire house is in the kitchen. So… we wash hands and brush teeth in the kitchen sink. The kids beds have these huge over sized towels that are used for bedding in this part of the world, good thing it never gets cold.

On the up side: There is an oven! 

I think it’s older than I am, but that hardly matters; I haven’t had an oven since we left the states. Needless to say, today there was some Christmas baking going on!

Today we rested, strung popcorn for our little tree, and recovered from the long drive. Ez and Elisha set up a carnival for everyone, using the big double swing under the house as a ride. In the afternoon, we went out and explored Miri, took a walk on the beach and began getting to know this little town.

We’re happy to be “home for the holidays!”

Bubble crabs… everywhere!

Can you find the crab?!