Estamos Aqui

October 30, 2010 in Guatemala, North America, Travelogue



on the coast at Panajachel



If today could have gone any smoother, I don’t know how.



The flights were perfect (in spite of the cancellation of our first one and a general lack of ticket agents this morning.)




Gabe looking out over Guatemala City

The kids were happy and patient.



There wasn’t any turbulence to speak of until we crested the mountains of Guatemala.


Jairo Maca (our excellent driver) was Johnny On The Spot with a clean van, a cheerful disposition and a clean driving record.


The kids ate their favorite Guatemalan fast food: Pollo Campera, for lunch on the way north from Guatemala City.


My Spanish was not as rusty as I’d feared.


Jairo scored us a sweet bungalow hotel right around the corner from our rental office for tomorrow’s hook up with the house agent.


We found an internet modem (which if you’re reading this, is working nicely.)


We took a long walk down Calle Santander and polished up our “no gracias,” on the many street vendors.


Found an ATM and reached through the barred doorway to use it, under the amused smirk of the bank’s armed guard… and the card worked! 🙂




Lago de Atitlan

We strolled the waterfront and watched the same sun that rose somewhere high above Indiana set behind Volcan San Pedro.




Grilled pollo with ajo & AMAZING tortillas

Dinner was beyond amazing (see picture.)


Kids are tucked in bed.


Estamos aqui.


We’re here.








Tony has arrived.