Living Like Kings: Champasak Palace, Paske, Laos

August 3, 2012 in Asia, Laos, Travelogue

Champasak Palace was built by Jao Boon Oum, the last king of Laos.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to see it finished, as he fled to France in 1975. It is a 7 story open air pavilion style building with 1,900 doors and windows. In 2004 a Thai company bought it, finished the palace and converted it into a boutique hotel with 115 rooms.

After two hard days getting here, sleeping in a palace has been a delightful adventure.

The boys spent the day exploring the building and the grounds, playing games that involved hiding from the staff as much as possible, like spies. Since the majority of the guests left on a Japanese tour bus this morning, the palace has been deserted and it makes for a perfect setting for imaginative play.

If you’re ever through Pakse, the palace makes a lovely splurge for a night or two. We’re in two room suites that open onto a breezy terrace for about $60 USD a night (there are cheaper rooms).

I took some pictures for you this afternoon:

And THIS is our room (the kids have one just like it)

The King… working! 🙂

Oh… and Ezra says to tell you that his, “Bed is so soft it’s like sleeping in a turtle’s shell!” 🙂