My 7 Links: Seven Posts That Deserve To See The Light Of Day

July 13, 2011 in Czech Republic, Europe, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Inspiration, Mexico, North America, Travelogue, United States

I’ve had a lot of fun reading the 7 Links posts that folks have been posting. It’s always interesting to me to read back through old stories and watch how a person, or a blog, or a journey evolves. When Family On Bikes nominated us to participate I had no idea just how much I’d enjoy sifting back through our old stories and spiffing them up to be shared again. Thanks Nancy!

Most Beautiful Post

A lot of what we share on this site is related to travel, adventure or getting out there and living big with kids in some capacity. By contrast, this post happens almost entirely in my head, on a dark winter’s night in the company of only one, brand new soul. It was one of the sweetest moments of my life.

On the 2:30 a.m. Feeding & Love

Most Popular Post

For some reason, people LOVE IT when everything goes horribly awry and we suffer. This post didn’t get that many comments on the site but I got countless e-mails as a result.

There’s something about dead, bloated burros, dogs disemboweling horses and copious amounts of vomit that folks just can’t get enough of!

It Could Be Worse…

Most Controversial Post

By far our most controversial post was the one concerning our time spent with the underground home schoolers in Germany. We got hate mail from Germans, from teachers, from parents, from non-parents and from people who just refused to believe that these people really do live the way they do or that they are telling the truth about the educational situation in Germany.  I could relate to the criticism. Before I met these families one by one, face to face,  thought the reports were over-blown too. Trust me when I tell you, they are not.

There’s no picture to go with this one to protect the identities of the families in question.

The Plight Of The Home Schoolers In Germany

Most Helpful Post

Introducing: My Uncle Dick and his 7 Ps, which are words to live by for us. In this post you’ll find the basic questions you’ll want to ask if you’re dreaming of big time family travel and working towards putting boots on that dream!

The Seven Ps


A Post Whose Success Surprised Me

I suppose it’s the “train wreck” appeal again, in which people love to read about our mishaps and disasters. The post is repeatedly reported by long term followers as one of their favorites… it still makes US laugh out loud, I hope it does you too!

The Short End Of The Public Bathroom Stick

Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved

One of the most profoundly moving days of our journey–of our lives, actually– was the day we spent at Buchenwald. It went far beyond a lesson in history as we walked where Death walked and wondered at the true nature of humanity is a place that had seen the very worst of our collective character. When I reread this I can still hear the deafening silence of the room with the tile table and feel the horror of those yawning black ovens…


The Post I’m Most Proud Of

For the sheer joy that it’s brought our arm chair traveling amigos, I have to say that this is the post I’m most proud of. In it, I accurately portray the joys of chicken bus travel with kids, the good, the bad and the ugly, and gain a new appreciation for “home.”

It’s A Party Now!

So the rest of the 7 Links deal is to nominate some other bloggers to participate. What have you guys got?

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