Ezra’s 11th Birthday

July 8, 2013 in New Zealand, Travelogue

Ezra fall 2002

Today is my baby’s eleventh birthday.

Although, in truth, I don’t know if Ezra was ever a baby. Even though he’s the baby he’s one of those kids that came out ready to roll and should have come with a crash helmet and knee pads. He’s always kind of been a full grown bull moose in a small body. His body is catching up now, and there’s very little he won’t tackle, for better or for worse.

In celebration of the beginning of 11 I thought I’d share a few highlights from 1o and express my public gratitude to my youngest son, who single handedly boosts our blog ratings with his continuing parade of antics.

Such as:

Riding elephants in Pai, Thailand

Setting a fishhook into his foot on Nai Yang Beach

Chewing betel nut in Vietnam

Grasping the depth of the Killing Fields in Cambodia

In which Ez points out the obvious on the Laos-Cambodia border

In Singapore, in which he becomes one of Michael Jackson’s kids

In which he gets lucky with monkeys, in Borneo… again

Then there was his escapade with leeches… in the grocery store… in Malaysia

Losing his first moneyed bet on a cock fight in Indonesia

Or locking himself in the old Cromwell Courthouse safe

The rodeo of camper showering

And of course his infamous lemon caper upon entering NZ

Today we are celebrating with cake and ice cream and a few presents in Paraparaumu.

He’s already plotting where he’d like to turn twelve!